Strategic Equity Investors

Strategic investors invest at various stages in the development of renewable power projects. They need to understand the risks and rewards of investing at each stage and which stage best meets their goals and return requirements.

Solar and other renewable power projects tap diverse federal and state government incentives. They can have revenues from sales of renewable energy credits (RECs and SRECs).  Such incentives can improve investor returns, but only if used properly.

Project investment opportunities vary by size, technology, state, capital cost, off-takers, financial structures, developer, and risk.  Investors need coherent investment strategies to target desired projects.

Birch Tree Capital can help strategic investors sort through the opportunities:

  • Devise investment plans to identify suitable clean power market segments.
  • Find developer partners and individual project investment opportunities.
  • Conduct initial “fatal-flaw” reviews of possible investments.
  • Construct financial models and conduct sensitivity & uncertainty analyses.
  • Oversee detailed due diligence reviews.
  • Coordinate specialized legal, tax, insurance, permitting, and contract analyses.
  • Negotiate equity letters of intent and definitive agreements.
  • Structure remaining equity and debt financing to finish the project’s financial plan.