Institutional, Individual, and Foreign Investors

Institutional investors, high net worth private clients, and foreign investors are exploring how to invest directly in renewable power projects. Developers also seek new financing partners, especially for distributed commercial-scale projects.

Tax-exempt institutional investors and most private client individuals are not able to use the federal tax benefits that form an important part of the returns to renewable project investors. Changing tax incentives, technology cost reductions, and emerging investment options are creating new opportunities.

Many institutional, foreign, and private client investors lack experience or staff to form a clean power investment strategy or to consider individual projects. Instead, they engage independent advisers, invest through project funds, or partner with project developers.

Birch Tree Capital is a renewable power finance expert. We can help investors, fund managers, and their advisers to:

  • Craft investment plans to meet an investor’s risk profile and interests.
  • Find developer partners and specific project investment opportunities.
  • Conduct initial “fatal-flaw” reviews of possible investments.
  • Construct financial models and conduct sensitivity & uncertainty analyses.
  • Prepare financial modeling of partnership accounting.
  • Oversee detailed due diligence reviews.
  • Coordinate specialized legal, tax, insurance, permitting, and contract analyses.
  • Negotiate equity letters of intent and definitive agreements.
  • Review other equity and debt financing options to ensure they match the investor’s risk profile and strategy.