Solar Project Investors

The solar market is growing rapidly.  Investing opportunities exist at the residential level, large utility-scale, and in the medium-scale distributed commercial project sector.  Universities, commercial real estate managers, towns, and non-profit entities want third party investors to own projects on their properties.

Solar project developers struggle to finance medium-scale distributed commercial solar projects.  Partnership structures used for large projects are too expensive and complex.  Existing investors often prefer large projects and lack local market familiarity. These conditions favor entry by new investors, yet new-to-market investors may lack solar expertise.

Birch Tree Capital is helping solar investors:

  • Craft investment plans to match investor risk profiles and appetite.
  • Understand Federal and state solar incentives.
  • Tap new programs such as long-term utility purchase contracts, net metering, property bill-linked loans (C-PACE), and green banks.
  • Find suitable developer partners and solar project opportunities.
  • Start solar investment funds or join existing funds.
  • Conduct initial “fatal-flaw” reviews of potential projects.
  • Build financial pro formas and conduct sensitivity & uncertainty analyses.
  • Oversee due diligence reviews, including specialized legal, tax, insurance, permitting, and contract analyses.
  • Negotiate letters of intent and close definitive agreements.
  • Mesh with other project equity and debt financing commitments.

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